Eastern Oklahoma Fabrication


Machining & Farbricating

Eastern Oklahoma Fabrication’s experienced machine shop staff can handle everything from production runs to one-offs and prototypes. Services include: CNC and manual machining, milling, turning, boring, bore welding and repair, threading and grinding.
Our equipment includes the following:

Alltra PG14 CNC High-Definition Plasma Cutting Machine

20’ X 12’ cutting area. Hypertherm Pronest 2012 nesting/CAM software with auto-nesting, which includes ability to cut flat patterns for pipe and HVAC fittings, as well as the ability to directly import most used CAD file formats including Inventor, AutoCAD, and Solid Works. Hypertherm HPR 260 XD power source capable of severing 2-1/2” mild steel and production cutting 1-1/2” mild steel. Oxy-Fuel torch capable of cutting up to 8” thick mild steel. Able to make straight or beveled cuts on curved surfaces such as heads and baffles for pressure vessels or tanks.

Dynapath 750 CNC Bed Mill

13” X 50” table size, 1700 lb. table capacity.

Dynapath DMC E-5 CNC Bed Mill

60” X 20” table, 16-tool automatic tool changer.

Lucas 3” Horizontal Boring Mill

Vertical travel: 36”, 4’ X 6’ table, 48” table travel (both axes). Equipped with adjustable power tailstock for line-boring applications. Three-axis digital read out. 20,000 lb. table capacity.

Sharp 24120V Lathe

120” between centers. It can turn, bore and thread up to 24” diameter taper attachment and 4 1/8” spindle bore.

Ikegai Lathe

20” swing, 60” between centers and taper attachment.

Bridgeport-type Vertical Milling Machines (2)

9”X 42” table. Drilling, milling and boring, DRO equipped.

D.C. Morisson Key Seat Cutter

Used to cut internal key seats. 24” X 27” table and key sizes from 1/16” to 1-1/4”.

Knuth SSB50X Vertical Drill Press

Drilling, counter boring, reaming, tapping and boring. Drilling capacity: 2” mild steel. Multi-rate power feed, capable of handling odd-shaped parts or drilling at an angle.

Ridgid 1224 Threading Machine

1/4” to 4” pipe capacity and cuts both pipe and bolt threads.

600 Ton Cincinnati Pressbrake

With the power to handle 600 tons, the Cincinnati FM600 is our go to for heavy-duty projects. The 16’ bed on this rugged machine allows us to bend 15’ of 1’ A36 steel.

DoAll Surface Grinder

Chuck Size: 10 3/8” X 30.”

Bortech/Bore Repair Line-boring and Bore-welding System

Capable of welding, boring, line-boring and facing. Can be used for in-shop applications. Able to repair bores from 1 ½” to 10” using standard attachments. Additional equipment is available to repair both larger and smaller bores.

Haas ST-30

Wi-Fi-enabled, improved chip flow, and easier operation, the Haas ST-30 is redesigned to heighten cutting performance with spindle speed of 3400 rpm. Ergonomically enhanced to optimize workflow, this powerhouse functions at 30 hp, with a 3.0” inch bar capacity.

Davi CNC Plate Roll E-30

Max thickness: 3/4”, max width: 10’, diameters up to 70”. Roll rounds, oblongs and compound radiuses.

Vantage Oil Country Lathe

Hollow spindle, 40-60” swing.

H-Frame Press, 125 Ton

Capacity: 60” high, 42” wide, used for straightening, forming and pressing.

Bevelmaster System

Portable pipe beveling, facing, weld prep and counterboring performance.

DoAll 36” High-speed Friction Band Saw

60” X 20” table, 16-tool automatic tool changer.

Ellis 1800 Horizontal Band Saw

14” flats at 90°, 9 ½” flats at 45°, 13” rounds at 45° and 11” rounds at 90°.

Ellis 3000 Horizontal Band Saw

13 ½” round at 90°. 19” flat at 90°.

Submerged Arc Welding System

Lincoln Electric DC1000 Power Source and Pandjiris Manipulator with maximum vessel/ tank capacity of 10ft diameter and 30ft length on rails and Lincoln Electric DC650 Power Source and Manipulator with maximum vessel/tank capacity of 8ft diameter and 30ft length on rails.

Wysong 1038 Shear

Capacity: 3/8” mild steel, 9/32” stainless steel and maximum length of 120”. Numeric controlled back gage and front gage.

Montgomery Plate Roll

Max thickness: 5/8”, Max width: 60”, Max thickness at full 60” width: 1/4”, Min Radius 4”. Round bar rolling in 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” diameters.

Edwards Ironworker

Punching capacity: 1 1/16” in 5/8” mild steel and 7” throat depth


Taylor 25,000 lb. capacity forklift, miscellaneous forklifts and 10 ton overhead lifting capacity. Hand-powered sheet metal brakes, including a box-and-pan brake. Sandblasting and painting services are available.